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This Galveston County Lawyer provides the following information. The county seat of Galveston County is in Galveston, Texas, where all the district and county courts for Galveston County, Texas.  The Galveston courts handle civil, family, probate and criminal cases, at 600 59th Street, Galveston, Texas .  The District Clerk and County Clerks are also located in Galveston.  There are municipal(city) courts are located in the city that the particular court is in.  Additionally, there a several justice of peace courts throughout the county.  The justice of peace courts have a jurisdiction limit of up to $10,000.  They also have original jurisdiction for eviction lawsuits. They also handle minor crimes, Class C misdemeanors, including traffic tickets.  The municipal courts also handle Class C misdemeanors and violations of city ordinances.   The county and district courts handle more serious crimes.  Class B and A misdemeanors are in the county courts, and felonies in the district courts. There are 3 county courts at law in Galveston County, County Courts at law nos. 1, 2 and 3.  Divorces and suits affecting the parent-child relationship are held in the 3 county courts at law and the 306th Family District Court.  The Galveston Probate court handles, estate issue and guardianships. 
The Galveston Juvenile Court handles criminal type conduct by children that would be handled by criminal courts if the child were an adult.  A child is someone under the age of 17.  Certain minor offenses those at the level of class c misdemeanors committed by children are  handled by municipal and justice of peace courts.
The principal functions of a Commissioners Court are legislative. Although referred to as a court, Commissioners Courts generally exercise only limited judicial powers in Texas. Those judicial powers in Texas the ability to compel testimony under oath, the ability to issue citations for contempt, and the ability to make findings of fact.  The main power of the court is the power of monetary expenditures within the county.  The annually makes the county tax rate and the county budget, setting the salary and budget for independent elected officials, outlining expenditures for departments under its control.   The court has the power to make county policies, and sometimes to  enact legislation by court orders, among other things.  Galveston County Lawyer.

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